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  • Keder
    Keder is a Textile Reinforcement product which is widely used in many applications, such as sides of banners, tents, awnings, pool covers, marine...

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  • Moon Keder
    At Kedermaker, it is in our very nature to innovate and create to benefit our loyal customers, therefore we are glad to introduce a new range of our most recent...

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  • Keder Track
    Our Keder Track / Rail are made from Grade 6061 Aluminum, tempered (commonly used on aircraft wings and fuselages),this type of aluminum offers superb...

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  • Plastic Welt
    The Plastic Welt is sewn into the edge of your printed textile cloth & graphics, which allows your soft signage to lock into an aluminum frame.

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  • Custom Made
    Customize all sizes and colors for your need! We have the capacity and capability to manufacture keder with all custom modifications.

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  • Keder Maker
    Kedermaker is one of the largest and leading manufacturer of keder in the world. Our headquarter is located in New Zealand, while our manufacturing plant is located in the Haining China Warp Knitting Science & Technology Industrial Zone where the manufacturing, packaging and delivery takes place. The industrial zone is currently the largest and most established warp knitting manufacturing base in China, where is very close to Shanghai. Our keder is made from a virgin resin PVC core, with a strip of PVC coated fabric wrapped around it. The process of fusing the two components is known as Hot Wedge/HF Welding. We use full perimeter bonding between the fabric and the core instead of traditional sealing line technology which can only achieve a maximum half circle bonding.
  • Tent & Marquees
    Keder is an accessory part that secures the connection between vinyl tops and sidewalls to structural railing.
  • Banner & Sign
    Keder is widely used in the digital print industry for banners & signs; Our patented Full Bond Adhesion technology ...
  • Awning & Canopy
    Keder is frequently used as an accessory mechanism that secures the awning fabric to structural railing.
  • Marine & Sails
    Our Keder is best suited in the Marine & Sails industry for boat curtains and sails canvas.
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